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Giving Young Talents a Platform to Flourish

The NAFA School of Young Talents helps students lay a solid foundation in the arts and develop their artistic potentials. Through courses for art, dance, drama and music, we offer young talents an avenue to explore, learn and pursue their passions, so they may rise up with the courage to create.

Arts Made Accessible

Courses are catered to different age groups and goals. This makes it accessible for young talents with varying skills and interest levels to participate and progress in their areas of choice.

Holistic Exposure to Each Field

Students are offered holistic exposure to their chosen fields. Those taking art or drama experiment with different mediums of expression, while music and dance students have an abundance of opportunities to perform and pick up stage experience.

Structured Progression Pathways

Progress is tracked each semester so students know how to improve. In addition, dance, drama and music students are trained to take international examinations. These qualifications are testament to their skill level, and can help them open the doors to further education in the arts.