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Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Gathering information can be a smooth and simple task. Manage your human resources needs and data with HRIS.

Click here to access the system.

Teaching & Learning Centre

The Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) aims to help students thrive academically by promoting excellence and innovation in the teaching of the arts, and supporting their learning needs through workshops and resources. Besides advising on programme and curriculum design, the centre also facilitates the adoption of digital technologies and resources that enable effective teaching and learning.

iLEARN@NAFA (Canvas)

Online learning is made easy with iLEARN@NAFA (Canvas) which is administered by EdTech, TLC.

Click here to access iLEARN@NAFA (Canvas).


  • Login to iLEARN@NAFA (Canvas) account is required.
  • Recommended browsers are Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox

iLEARN@NAFA (Canvas) 24hr Staff Online Helpdesk

Canvas Hotline: 800 492 2378

Canvas Live Chat:

Online Teaching Resources Portal

Online Teaching Resources Portal is a one-stop site for staff to access resources such as tips/techniques/good practices on the use of various online tools used in teaching and learning.

Click here to access Online Teaching Resources Portal.

NOTE: Login to NAFA Microsoft Office Account is required.

NAFA Library

Find all the information you require for your teaching and research activities at the NAFA Library.

On campus: please click here.

Off campus: please click here.

(Please log in with your campus wifi login ID and password.
After successful login, you will be redirected to the Library’s landing page.)


NAFA SSL VPN allows you to access the NAFA secured STAFFNET site and other internal applications.

Click here to access NAFA SSL VPN.

Please note that the performance of the VPN connection (speed) to use this site is dependent on the strength of your internet connection.

Click here for NAFA SSL VPN User Guide

Click here for Ms Teams Chat and Video Conferencing User Guide

Click here for Zoom Video Conferencing User Guide

Click here to learn how to secure your Zoom Meetings

Online Attendance Marking (OAM)

Mark attendance online with ease using the Online Attendance Marking (OAM) application.

Click here to access Online Attendance Marking.

Staff Webmail

Microsoft ® Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a Microsoft Exchange Active Server Application that lets you access your NAFA personal email account.

Click here to access Staff Webmail.

Students Performance Monitoring Record (Lecturer Entry)

Manage your students’ performance with our Students Performance Monitoring system.

Click here to access Students Performance Monitoring Record (Lecturer Entry).