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A Gift of Empowerment and Courage

One in every four students at NAFA come from a humble family background and can benefit tremendously from your support.

Your gift to NAFA will be used to support our scholarly initiatives and build the academy’s capabilities. More importantly, it will send a message of encouragement to our students, faculty and staff, as they pursue their artistic dreams.

Remember, no matter the amount, your gift can go a long way in empowering arts practitioners with the courage to develop their potential, realise their dreams, and positively impact our society.

It matters, and you can make that difference.



Hear more from both our donors and recipients on the importance of giving and how it can impact students’ lives and the future of Singapore.
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Benefits of Giving

Your gift can do more than help beneficiaries. From tax relief to recognition, there are a myriad of ways you stand to gain.

Tax Benefits

Opportunities for Naming Rights

Acknowledgment and Recognition on NAFA’s Communication Platforms

Eligible for Cultural Matching Fund

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