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Diploma and Bachelor's Degree students with outstanding academic results and an excellent track record of achievements in related arts and creative industries may apply for NAFA’s in-house Scholarships and Merit Awards. Bursaries are also available for students who require financial assistance (based on household income) to defray part of their programme fees.

Master’s Degree students can apply for the Graduate Assistantship Award.

Singaporean/ Singapore Permanent Residents who are pursuing the BA(Hons) Contemporary Chinese Theatres and MFA Fine Art can apply for the NAC-UAS Arts Scholarship.

Successful recipients will be offered the following quantum for one academic year, unless otherwise indicated in the terms and conditions of award:

Awards Quanta per academic year (Diploma) Quanta per academic year (Bachelor's Degree) Quanta per academic year (Master's Degree)
Scholarships Up to full waiver of programme fees S$10,000 - S$15,000
** see note below
** see note below
Merit Awards S$3,500 - S$4,000 S$5,000 -
*Bursaries S$1,800 S$3,600 - S$5,000 S$5,000
Graduate Assistantship Award - - 50% of nett programme fees + S$300 monthly allowance for 10 months in a year

*Singaporeans who are pursuing full-time MOE-funded Diploma and Bachelor's Degree programmes and are eligible for the MOE Tuition Grant (TG) may be considered for the Higher Education Bursary / Higher Education Community Bursary in the same application.

** Singaporean/ Singapore Permanent Residents who are pursuing the BA(Hons) Contemporary Chinese Theatres and MFA Fine Art can apply for the NAC-UAS Arts Scholarship in the same application. Successful candidates will receive the quantum of up to 90% of programme fees + monthly maintenance allowance.

Application does not guarantee an award as the availability of in-house and donor funding varies from year to year.

The selection process is subject to the following requirements which may be specified by NAFA and various donors:

  • Nationality
  • Household income
  • Discipline of study
  • Relevant track records to the discipline of study
  • MOE Tuition Grant eligibility, etc.

These scholarships and awards are made possible by NAFA and generous donations from philanthropists and organisations, namely:

  • Beautiful Mind Charity
  • Mr Choo Chiau Beng
  • Dare to Dream Scholarship
  • Dr Gerard Chuah
  • Dr Gog Soon Joo
  • Ms Goh Peck Hong and Mr Goh Chong Khing
  • Hong Leong Foundation
  • Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple
  • Estate of Leong Yoon Pin
  • Liu Shiming Art Foundation
  • Mr Loh Jian Hao
  • Estate of Lucien Wang
  • National Arts Council
  • Estate of Ng Soh Shan
  • The Ngee Ann Kongsi
  • NParks-Peter Lim Award
  • OCBC Bank
  • Mdm Pang Kok Lian
  • Mr Sriram Vaidhya
  • Tan Chay Bing Education Fund
  • Tan Chin Tuan Foundation
  • Tan Ean Kiam Foundation
  • Mr KH Tan
  • Temasek Foundation

Application Details

For new students in AY2024/2025: (Exercise closed)
Diploma: 19 Jan – 31 Mar 2024
Bachelor's Degree: 19 Jan – 15 May 2024
Master's Degree: 19 Jan – 15 May 2024

For existing Diploma and Bachelor's Degree students:
5 Feb – 31 Mar 2024 (Exercise closed for Existing Diploma students)
Extension for Existing Bachelor’s Degree students : 27 May 2024

Submission of Online Application

The online application will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Applicants will need the following information on hand to complete the online submission:

  • Track record of related achievements/participation
  • Family members' particulars and their employment/income details
  • Contact information of 2 Character Referees who are familiar with your artistic experience and/or achievements. (for Scholarship & Merit award applications).

    An email will be sent directly to your referee to request for a confidential reference based on pre-determined questions after you have submitted your application.

    Please seek permission from your referee before submitting their contact information into the application portal.

Application Link:

Login instructions: 
For new students in AY2024/2025:

  • Select "Application Number"
  • Enter 5-digit Course application number
  • Password is Date of Birth in DD-Month-YYYY format (eg.11-Jan-2002)

For existing Diploma and Bachelor's Degree students:

  • Select "Admission Number"
  • Enter NAFA Admission Number
  • Password is the same as your NAFA email account. Please email [email protected] for assistance to reset your password

Applicants may 'Save Draft' at any point and re-login to complete the application. However, Applicants will no longer be able to make any further changes after the application is submitted.

Please note that the submission of the application does not guarantee the applicant an award.


Students who are shortlisted for the 'Scholarships' category will be informed by phone and email to attend an interview in person at NAFA. Online interview may be arranged for international students who are not in Singapore during the stipulated date(s) of the interview. Students who are not contactable and/or do not attend the interview will not be considered for the Scholarship award.

Students who are shortlisted for donor-funded Merit awards & Bursaries may be required to attend an interview as well, due to donor specifications.

Notice of the Application Outcome

Diploma Freshmen: End May 2024
Existing Diploma: Mid-July 2024
Bachelor's Degree: Mid-July 2024
Master's Degree: Mid-July 2024


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For enquiries, please email Office of Student Care at [email protected] (Financial Aids & Awards Scheme) or call 6512 4073 during office hours (9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday).