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Create the Change You Want to See

For many leaders, the path to greatness came from being multifaceted in their approach, comprehensive in their training, and diversified in their focus. This is especially true in today’s world—the need is not to be an expert in only one domain, but to become a jack of all trades and master of some.

The Faculty of Interdisciplinary Practices was designed with this in mind. While you grow your abilities in one domain, you will expand your knowledge and skills across fields. You will be guided to think critically and creatively, apply your ideas and know-how as well as innovate in authentic projects and live environments. You will be challenged to take into consideration different social and cultural perspectives through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Upon graduation, you will possess the versatility to effectively connect and engage with diverse global communities, industries and practitioners, and nimbly adapt or disrupt current circumstances to develop new practices, shape new landscapes and forge new career pathways.

Don’t be afraid of change. Be the change you want to see. It begins with an attitude, a philosophy, a way of thinking and being.

Dr Caren Carino, Dean, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Practices