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Charting Your Future in Music

The NAFA School of Music is committed to guide you in your path towards musical excellence so you find success in careers as performers, composers, educators, conductors and more.

Through a faculty-specific, practice-led, industry-focused curriculum, we enhance your artistic skill sets, educate you about the global music sphere, and expose you to a variety of industry experiences—ultimately empowering you with artistry and the courage to create and make your mark in the music industry.

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World-class International Faculty

Train under renowned professional musicians, researchers and pedagogues from all over the world, whose experience spans across different genres, cultures and continents.

Exposure to Industry

With the strong connections NAFA has with arts organisations in Singapore and renowned musical conservatories overseas, you will have opportunities to apply your practical skills and knowledge in performances, attachments, immersions and more, building your network and gaining experience for your future.

Multidisciplinary Training Opportunities

Broaden your understanding of music with contextualised lessons that raise your awareness of a historically informed performance practice and familiarise yourself with instruments such as harpsichord, fortepiano, Baroque timpani, Baroque flute, Baroque trumpets and the bassett horn. With NAFA being a multidisciplinary institution, you will enjoy collaborative opportunities with artists from other disciplines such as dance, fashion and fine art, and gain exposure to multidisciplinary practices.

At NAFA's School of Music, we focus on honing the talents of future creatives. With our student-centered approach and distinguished faculty, we empower our students to become world-class musicians and equip them with the necessary tools and skills for dynamic creative careers.

Dr Nellie Seng, Associate Dean, School of Music