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Chloe Chua
Violinist, School of Young Talents
First Prize Winner
Junior Division, Menuhin Competition 2018

Chloe Chua (age 11), is a gifted violinist at NAFA’s School of Young Talents. On April 20, she received the First Prize in the Junior Division of the prestigious international Menuhin Competition 2018. During the junior final round, Chloe played two pieces: Jaehyuck Choi’s Self In Mind and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons - Winter.

Chloe’s interest in classical music started at a young age. She was taught to play the piano when she was two and a half years old and at the age of four, she was enrolled in violin classes at NAFA’s School of Young Talents.

Founded by Yehudi Menuhin in 1983, the Menuhin Competition is the leading international Competition for young violinists. Nicknamed “The Olympics of the Violin” the Competition attracts hundreds of entries from over 40 countries, choosing only 44 of the world’s very best young violinists to participate. The Competition is held every two years in a different world city. It discovers, encourages and nurtures exceptionally talented young musicians from all corners of the globe (under the age of 22 years) to develop into the next generation of great artists.