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Learn to Express with Conviction and Power

Confidence, creativity and clarity of expression are some defining features of successful actors and performers. Yet, these are the same skills that you will find useful across your lifetime.

The Junior Drama Department aspires to train and produce bilingual talents with such abilities. Its progressive and structured curriculum is designed to be both challenging and rewarding, covering a wide range of skills from performing to script writing and even compèring.

These activities push the boundaries of your child’s creativity and encourage them to think outside of the box—in the process, improving their empathy, communication skills, confidence and teamwork abilities.

Structured Milestones for Growth

Students take an internal examination at the end of each semester to be promoted to the next level. Those at a higher level are also encouraged to take the Trinity London College examinations to assess their skills.

Strong Bilingual Education

The Preparatory Bilingual Class, Formal Bilingual Class and Drama Bilingual Class are an opportunity for your child to gain fluency in English and Mandarin and build a strong linguistic foundation for future pursuits.

Soft Skills Development

Offering a range of activities from writing to performing allows your child to understand how to communicate in an impactful and effective way across different mediums. These are transferable skills that cut across different subjects and sectors.