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Design the Future of Daily Living

3D Design is about the design of objects, environments and spaces within personal and public domains. The central focus is on improving the quality of things we use and the spaces we live in, through creative design.

Each programme in our School fosters design and creative thinking while sharpening technical capabilities. You will undergo an enriching and intensive journey of design education, developing key skills and learning about technologies, trends and their impact on design.

Upon graduation, you will face your future in 3D design with great confidence, armed with invaluable skills of critical analysis, design synthesis, communication, and a multidisciplinary approach to the design process.

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Build and Refine Design Skill Sets

You will acquire, build, and refine the fundamental skill sets you need to be a professional designer of the 21st century, including technical and hands-on making skills, as well as important computer visualisation skills.

Develop Real-world Industry Relationships

As you embark on study trips, industry projects, collaborations and partnerships with renowned design companies, you will have the opportunity to develop and deepen connections and cultivate creative thinking through real-world experience.

Undergo Rich Contextual Learning

Our curriculum immerses you in a wide variety of learning environments, from traditional classroom learning to the vibrant outdoors, as well as dynamic industry exposure to learn from leading professionals of our time. You will also have the opportunity to experience a double major programme of study, for an even richer learning journey in your time with us.

A remarkable 3D designer responds sensitively to the environment, demonstrates a keen awareness of context, and adapts adeptly to changes. Learn how to navigate dynamic landscapes and spaces while delivering designs that are both meaningful and impactful!

Fadzli Jamil, Associate Dean, School of 3D Design