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It takes a special kind of institution to withstand the test of time.

To spearhead a creative movement that is defining Southeast Asia.
To inspire a generation of artists and the generations to come.
To transform a young nation into a beacon for the arts.

At NAFA, we believe that it all starts with a leap of faith.
Following a passion, even when it leads you out of your comfort zone.
Challenging the status quo, even if it means charting a new path.
Standing by what you believe in, even in the face of adversity.
Pioneering a new era of growth, even after decades of tradition.

This unwavering NAFA spirit has kept us going for over 80 years and continues to guide our tomorrow.
It has nurtured a humble art school into the leading institution it is today.
Where our educators have the courage to create new perspectives for their students, but also for themselves.
Where our students build the courage to create new breakthroughs, but also new connections.
Where anyone that journeys with us has the courage to create their mark on the arts, but also on the world.

Because that’s what it takes. It takes courage to create.