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Entry Requirements How to Apply Financial Matters International Student Guide FAQ
Entry Requirements How to Apply Financial Matters International Student Guide FAQ




NAFA hopes to attract applicants with the potential to become excellent arts practitioners. Applicants are selected by merit, based on the following criteria:

  • Potential in Artistic Talent and Creativity
  • Educational Qualification
  • Language Proficiency
  • Special Factor
  • Age Requirement
  • Module Exemption

Selection is competitive and is subject to the availability of places. However, the Academy may give consideration to talented applicants who excel in Artistic Talent and Creativity, but have not fully met the education qualification stated.

Personal Statement and Testimonial

You are required to submit a 500-word personal statement and a testimonial at

Personal Statement
Your personal statement should articulate your interest for the arts and future career goals. Through your personal statement, you will be evaluated based on your:

  • Past experiences in artistic practice, arts management and/or attending arts events
  • Aspiration to work in the arts and cultural industries
  • Written communication skills

The testimonial should be written by an official (e.g. teacher, principal, advisor, etc.) of an educational institution you have attended. Through the testimonial, you will be evaluated based on your:

  • Personality traits
  • Participation in co-curricular activities
  • Leadership ability or potential
(Allowed document file type: .pdf. Maximum document file size: 10 MB)

Minimum Educational Qualifications Required

  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level: Aggregate score of 25 points or better in 4 GCE ‘O’ Level subjects, excluding English.

    Applicants who are active in their Secondary Schools’ Co-curricular Activities (CCA) may gain up to 2 CCA points. The CCA points can be used to improve their EQ aggregate score for admission consideration.

    Types of bonus points No. of bonus points awarded
    Grades of A1–A2 2 points
    Grades of B3–C6 1 point
  • Singapore Integrated Programme: Successful completion of Year 4 or higher.
  • School of The Arts (SOTA): Successful completion of Year 4 or higher.
  • Institute of Technical Education (ITE): Successful completion of full-time Higher Nitec or Nitec.
Successful completion of at least 10 years of education.

Eligible international students will be able to use their mid-year examination results to apply for diploma courses at NAFA. Applicants will be given conditional offer if they are successful in their portfolio interview/audition selection. Applicants are still required to submit their year-end examination results and meet the admission requirements of the respective courses. Any applicant who does not meet the admission requirements will have his/her conditional offer revoked.

The minimum English Language proficiency requirement:

  • Grade C6 at GCE ‘O’ Levels
  • TOEFL iBT 50
  • TOEFL 500
  • IELTS Academic Band 5
  • SAT score of 480 (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing component)
  • Duolingo score of 75
  • Qualifications equivalent to any of the above

Applicants who do not meet the English Language proficiency requirement for the applied diploma course will have the option to enrol in the NAFA Preparatory English Course (PEC). Prior to enrolment in the PEC, applicants are required to submit their English Language proficiency scores from certification systems such as TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo. They will be placed in the appropriate module(s) – Pre-intermediate Level English and/or Intermediate Level English or Supplementary English as determined by the submitted scores. 

Recognition is accorded for prior achievements in areas relevant to intended studies.

Applicants should be 16 years of age or above in the year they are admitted to Year 1 of the diploma course.

The Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) allows applicants to apply for and receive conditional admission to NAFA prior to receiving their final grades. The application will commence in June for the following year’s intake.

The EAE is open to graduating GCE O-Level students, final-year Nitec and Higher Nitec students from the Institute of Technical Education, IP or IB Year 4 students.


Applicants to:

  • Submit Portfolio for courses under the Faculty of Art & Design (3D Design/Design & Media/ Fashion Studies/Fine Art) (No Admission Test for EAE)
  • Submit Personal Statement and Testimonial for Diploma in Arts Management
  • Attend Audition for courses under the Faculty of Performing Arts (Dance/Music/Theatre)

Please refer to the section ‘Potential in Artistic Talent and Creativity’ under each course for more information about the above.

Offer and Acceptance

  • Applicants will receive notification of the application outcome via email. Successful applicants should confirm acceptance of their offers by the deadline stipulated
  • Applicants who accept their offers at this stage will be guaranteed a place, as long as they meet the criteria stated under Entry Requirement for each course


  • Should applicants wish to withdraw their acceptance, they must submit their withdrawal notice to [email protected]
  • Applicants who had accepted their EAE offer but fail to make the required payment by the stipulated deadline will have their offers withdrawn
  • Applicants who fail to meet the admission criteria will have their offers withdrawn

Entry Requirements for EAE

For O-Level Students

Students who have registered to sit for the GCE O-Level examinations in the year of Early Admission Exercise (EAE)

For ITE Students

ITE students from full-time Higher Nitec/Nitec courses may apply for early admission. They can use their preliminary examination results (cumulative GPA of up to the 3rd term for a 2-year Higher Nitec/Nitec course or 5th term for a 3-year Nitec course) for application. The minimum cumulative GPA for early admission is 3.0.

For Integrated Programme (IP)/ International Baccalaureate (IB) Year 4 Students
IP and IB Year 4 students may use their mid-year examination results to apply for EAE.

Confirmation of Conditional Offers for Diploma Admission

Successful applicants for the EAE will be given conditional offers and are still required to submit following document, as applicable:

  • GCE O-Level results with an aggregate of not more than 25 points for 4 subjects excluding English
  • Certificate and Academic Transcript for Nitec or Higher Nitec
  • Completion of IP Year 4 (End-Year Examination Results)
  • Completion of IB Year 4 (End-Year Examination Results)

Any applicant who fails to provide documentary evidence of having met the admission requirements by the deadline stipulated by NAFA will have his/her conditional offer withdrawn.

Applicants may receive module exemption of up to 60 credits, if they have taken and passed the same or similar modules in another institution. The granting of exemption and advanced standing may be subject to applicants passing a Portfolio Interview, Audition or Admission Test. Application for module exemption may be subject to a Portfolio Interview or Audition.

Applicants with GCE A-Level, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and IB Career-Related Certificate (IBCC)

Applicants who have completed GCE A-Level or IB Diploma will be eligible to be considered for module exemption (up to 40 credits) in the relevant courses. Applicants from SOTA who have completed Year 4 and above are eligible to receive advanced standing (Year 1, Semester 2 or Year 2, Semester 1) in relevant Diploma courses subject to their final or preliminary examination results.

Applicants with Higher Nitec/ Nitec:

Full-time ITE graduates from the following courses are eligible to apply for module exemption:

  • Higher Nitec in Event Management
  • Higher Nitec in Performance Production

At NAFA, we are committed to providing full and equal educational opportunities to all students. The Academy firmly believes that every individual deserves a supportive learning environment. Applicants are invited to inform us in advance of any specific needs, and/or type of physical facilities or support you might require. Please include this information in your application form, supplemented with the relevant medical reports. This will allow us to plan the appropriate learning support for you.


  1. Apply online here until 30 June 2023.

    *Our full-time programmes are still open for:
    Diploma in Dance
    Diploma in Theatre (English Drama)
    Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin Drama)
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Performance Making

    The application period for other programmes for the August 2024 intake will commence from 2 October onwards.
  2. Keep the Application Acknowledgement for your reference and submit copies* of the following documents to the Student Admissions Office, NAFA Campus 1, or email them to [email protected] for verification within five working days from the date of your online application.
    *You will need to bring the original NRIC/Passport and academic documents for authenticity check during submission.

    • Academic certificates and transcripts, e.g. GCE A-Level/GCE O-Level/ITE and GCE N-Level/other equivalent qualifications
    • English proficiency qualification, e.g. TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, IELTS Academic or SAT result, if applicable
    • NRIC or passport or valid Student’s Pass
  3. Make a payment of the Application Fee at the cashier counter in NAFA or online at Applicants who are paying online will be required to upload the above documents to the application portal or email them to [email protected].
  4. Submit a personal statement and testimonial at Selected applicants may be asked to attend an interview in person or via the web.
  5. Receive the outcome of your application via email within 4–6 weeks after your Portfolio Submission/Interview or Admission Test.


To know more about the details related to the diploma fees, please click the links below:


NAFA-appointed overseas education counsellors provide course advice and application services to international students. Countries and regions with NAFA overseas education counsellors include China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Overseas admissions tests start from August 2023 to March 2024 (test dates vary between countries). International students residing overseas are encouraged to apply for admission to NAFA through the appointed education counsellors, where applicable. For full list of NAFA appointed overseas education counsellors, click here.

Equivalent Qualifications

All international applicants must meet the admission requirements. You may use your school examination or trial examination results for application with a letter from your school to certify that these results are true and correct. 

Overseas Education Counsellors (Agents)

International students residing overseas are encouraged to apply for admission to NAFA through the appointed education counsellors, where applicable. Applications made through non-NAFA appointed education counsellors will not be accepted. These appointed counsellors may charge up to S$4,000* in service fees per student. NAFA does not receive service fees on behalf of the counsellors. The payment schedule of these service fees are as follows:

Phase 1 - One week before Admission Test/Audition

All fees paid in this phase are non-refundable.
Your application fee, test fees, and administrative costs of document verification and translation will be collected once you sign the agency contract.

Phase 2 - Collection of student contracts

Collection of 50% of the total service fees specified in the signed agency contract with the applicant before completing Phase 2 of the NAFA online registration.

Phase 3 - Upon collection of SOLAR+ code from ICA

Collection of the 50% balance in service fees specified in the signed agency contract (ICA processing fees and Issuance fees shall be borne by students).

*Graduating international NAFA diploma students may wish to contact the appointed education counsellors to get assistance for their degree application and/or Student’s Pass matters. No additional service fees should be collected by the counsellors.

View the list of overseas education counsellors

Living In Singapore

All international applicants are required to apply for a Student’s Pass through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore after acceptance by an educational institute to pursue full-time studies in Singapore.

View more details for living in Singapore


There is one intake commencing in August each year. Click here for the academic calendar.

The application period is typically between January and March for the August intake in the same year.

International Applicants residing overseas are advised to contact NAFA’s authorised overseas education counsellors based in their home countries to submit applications from September for the August intake the following year. Click here for more information.

For more information about the application procedures and application deadline, click here.

All NAFA Diploma courses are 3-year, full-time courses.

There are no part-time Diploma courses available. If you are interested in part-time Certificate courses, you may email Centre for Lifelong Education at [email protected] for more information.

  • Application results will be sent via email within 4–6 weeks after Portfolio Submission / Admission Test / Audition
  • Applicants may also check on the status of the application by logging into the application portal within 4 weeks after Portfolio Submission / Admission Test / Audition


A student typically has about 20 hours of lessons per week. A performing arts student is often expected to attend additional hours of rehearsals after lessons as well. Classes are usually scheduled between Mondays and Fridays, 9.00am to 6.00pm; evening or Saturday classes may occasionally be scheduled for some courses.

However, students may have to remain on campus after classes for assignments, projects or rehearsals.

Yes. However, as Tuition Grant would have been utilised for study at local Polytechnics or Universities, the course fees at NAFA will not be subsidised by MOE and students will have to pay full fees.

Your eligibility for the Tuition Grant very much depends on your status. Please refer here for more information on your tuition grant eligibility. For further clarifications, please contact the Student Admissions Office.

Yes, please click here for more information. For enquiries, please email Office of Student Care at [email protected] (Financial Aids & Awards Scheme).

Please click here for the latest results from the Graduate Employment Survey.

You may still enrol in NAFA and pay the full tuition fees to reserve a place in the course that you are accepted to. If you are successful in your application to the other institution, you may withdraw from NAFA.

Refer here for the refund policy.

You are not allowed to pay at a later date as there are limited vacancies for all the courses. Full payment of the tuition fees will guarantee you a place of study in NAFA.

You will have to submit a withdrawal letter to NAFA. Photocopies of documents submitted to NAFA during enrolment are not returnable.

As for the refund of fees, please refer to the refund policy.

The Application Fee and Administrative Fee are non-refundable.

Please note that after you have submitted the official withdrawal form, our Finance Office will arrange for the refund of your paid tuition fees if you are entitled to a refund. The refund will only be ready in a month from the date of withdrawal, as the Finance Office requires some time for processing.

The NS Deferment Letter will only be given to students who have made the minimum required payment of their tuition fees. Students may contact the Student Admissions Office at [email protected] to request for the NS Deferment Letter.

If you require the NS Deferment Letter after course commencement, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at [email protected].

Prior to course commencement date:
New diploma students who wish to change their course after accepting an offer in a course are required to notify the Student Admissions Office and re-apply for admission to the new course.

After course commencement date:
Eligible diploma students who wish to request for a course transfer must be in their first year of candidature at the time of their course transfer application. They are required to submit their application for course transfer during the stipulated application period. The Associate Dean will determine if a test/audition/interview is necessary for any course transfer application.

Course transfers are not guaranteed as approvals are subject to the availability of vacancies, test/audition/interview outcome (if required), students’ NAFA assessment results and fulfilment of the course requirements.

Diploma students from Arts Management, Dance and MOE-sponsored Teaching courses are not eligible to apply for a course transfer. Students from these courses who wish to change their course are required to withdraw from their current course and re-apply for admission to the new course.

Yes. With effect from July 1999, NAFA was upgraded to tertiary level and conferred status on par with the polytechnics. For employment purposes, MOE treats the diplomas awarded by NAFA as equivalent to a non-technical diploma from the polytechnics.

Application for deferment will only be considered for reasons due to extenuating circumstances such as prolonged health problems, National Service, etc. You will have to submit a Deferment Form with relevant supporting documents to the Office of Student Affairs. As the application for deferment is subject to approval by a Deferment Panel, you must continue to attend classes until the outcome of your application is known.

Our lecturers and artists-in-residence include the "Who's Who" in the arts arena. Most of them have received training in Europe, the US and Asia. Collectively, they have qualifications and teaching experiences that span many decades and continents. Our website lists the qualifications and provides a short biography of all of our teachers.

Should the student be unable to resolve any dispute and/or grievance with their respective department, they may surface the issue to the Office of Student Affairs (for academic matters) or the Office of Student Care (for non-academic matters).

In the event that the student is not satisfied with the explanation or solution offered by the Office of Student Affairs or the Office of Student Care, the student may lodge an appeal to the President's Office.

In the event the student is still not satisfied with the explanation or recommendation offered by NAFA, the student may refer the matter to the Committee for Private Education. For more information, please call 6512 1140.

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) was appointed by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Board in October 2016 to carry out its functions and powers relating to private education under the Private Education Act. The CPE is supported by a team of dedicated staff from SSG to regulate the sector, provide student services, consumer education and facilitate capability development efforts to uplift standards in the local private education industry.

For more information, please contact:

Committee for Private Education
Tel: +65 6785 5785
Feedback Portal:

Admission Information

Important Dates

Applications for local and international applicants for the August 2023 intake are closed for all programmes except:

Diploma in Dance
Diploma in Theatre (English Drama)
Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin Drama)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Performance Making

Applications for the above programmes will close once the course capacities have been filled up.

International students residing overseas are encouraged to apply as early in August for the following year’s intake for admission to NAFA through the appointed education counsellors, where applicable. 

View the list of overseas education counsellors

Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) AY2024/25
The Diploma EAE application for AY2024 will open in mid-June 2023. Please check your application eligibility here.