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Learn the Art and Science of Fashion

Fashion goes beyond being a form of self-expression to also reflect the culture and context of society. Through our fashion programmes, you will develop a broad understanding of technical, theoretical and cultural aspects of different fashion disciplines to create styles that speak.

Besides an emphasis on design, product development and business skills are also a focus, ensuring that you know how to identify business opportunities by applying a mix of creative innovation and commercial viability. These programmes are also taught through exciting industry-led projects, so you graduate with the confidence and real-world skills to take on the fashion world.

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View Fashion from New Angles

To complement your foundation in theoretical and cultural aspects of fashion design, the curriculum will also introduce you to the latest technology and 3D skills. This ensures you are able to adopt the most modern approaches needed to thrive in the ever-changing world of fashion.

Design with an Added Dimension of Detail

Hone your research skills and ability to analyse trends of the fashion landscape on a global scale. This synthesis of new information can open your eyes to new perspectives and ideas, sparking inspiration to create.

Let Your Unique Style Take the Stage

Showcase your skills and knowledge across multiple platforms, including but not limited to local and international fashion events. These practical experiences offer the added opportunity to meet and build valuable connections with industry experts.

Fashion is dynamic and emotive. Fashion is forever evolving. Design your personality and express your stylish creativities with Fashion.

Anthony Tan, Associate Dean, School of Fashion Studies