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Learn how Interdisciplinary Practice can Impact the World

The School of Interdisciplinary Arts combines at least three of the following creative practices: music, theatre, dance, film, art, design, and architecture, as an investigative platform to engage with contemporary social and global issues.

You will work with leading and critically-informed practitioners, scholars, industry partners and activists in interdisciplinary methodology and research. Supported by academic inquiry and sustainable entrepreneurship, you will learn how to place and activate your respective practices in the context of integration with other artistic disciplines and collaborative interventions in addressing societal concerns. As you develop your skills in interdisciplinary practice, you will acquire new knowledge and gain deeper insights into how art can make the world a better place.

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An interdisciplinary mindset is curious, courageous, investigative, undaunted by failures and prepared for unchartered adventures.

Dr Joyce Koh, Associate Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Associate Dean, Technology and Sustainability Research