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Lee Foundation Theatre

Located in NAFA Campus 3, the Lee Foundation Theatre (LFT), featuring an 8-metre-wide stage lift, acoustic shells and an orchestra pit is a versatile space suited for a wide range of performances such as orchestra, ballet, and contemporary dance.

Seating capacity: 380 pax

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Studio Theatre

Located in NAFA Campus 3, the Studio Theatre is a performance space equipped with motorised lighting rig and digital sound systems, suited for theatre and small-scale dance productions.

Seating capacity: 88 – 150 pax

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Seminar Room

Located in NAFA Campus 1, the Seminar Room is equipped with a stage, audio and visual systems, suited for corporate events such as seminars and workshops.

Seating capacity: 150 – 180 pax

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Recital Hall

Located in NAFA Campus 3, the Recital Hall is a performance space featuring two Steinway Grand pianos and basic audio-visual systems, suited for music recitals.

Seating capacity: 80 pax

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Fashion Gallery

Located in NAFA Campus 2, the Fashion Gallery is a gallery space suited for fashion shows and exhibitions.

Seating capacity: 200 pax

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