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Embark on A Journey of Dance

Flexibility, agility, confidence and discipline are just some of the many benefits that children can gain from learning to dance.

The NAFA Junior Dance department nurtures young talents in their pursuit of dance with courses in ballet, Chinese dance and contemporary dance. Programmes range from those suitable for beginners, to those catering to advanced dancers. The entry age starts at five years old for ballet and Chinese dance, and 13 years old for contemporary dance.

No matter which course your child enrols in, you can expect an equal emphasis on building a solid foundation and the development of artistic expression. Your child will gain lessons on body alignment and awareness, technical skills and performance abilities—all of which will imbue them with the courage to connect, create and express themselves through movement.

Customised Learning Paths

With no more than 23 students in each class, we are able to ensure that your child receives the needed attention. Students who display exceptional progression may also be offered a spot in our Ballet Elite or Chinese Elite programmes to further accelerate their technique and performance developments.

Opportunities to Perform

Students in the Elite programmes undergo specialised training tailored to prepare them in participating for both competitions and performances. Our students from the other dance courses have the opportunity to gain performing exposure in a yearly showcase and biannual performance.

Recognition for Skills

Students from the ballet and Chinese dance programmes are required to sit for graded examinations conducted by the Royal Academy of Dance (UK) and Beijing Dance Academy respectively. Besides recognising their progress and achievements, these examinations also serve to instill a sense of accomplishment in each student.