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Overview Students' Work Modules Entry Requirements Fees How to Apply
Overview Students' Work Modules Entry Requirements Fees How to Apply
Duration: 3 Years
Mode: Full-time

Lead the Way as an Art Professional in Singapore and Beyond

Blaze a trail as an young art professional in Singapore and the region, growing in your artistic journey and capacity to contribute meaningfully to our rich cultural repository. You will develop the knowledge and skills to be a holistic, reflective and engaged art practitioner in the contemporary world.

Backed by the world-renowned University of the Arts London (UAL), the three-year honours degree will sharpen your artistic skills and sensibilities while you learn to work both collaboratively and independently on art practices across disciplines, through industry partnerships and projects. In the true NAFA spirit of adventure and exploration, you will also spend a portion of your degree abroad in the United Kingdom.

You will expect to be immersed in a state-of-the-art studio environment, supported by archival practices and professional placements.

Please watch this webinar to learn more about the BA (Hons) Fine Art programme from our faculty and students.

At the end of this programme, students should be able to:
  • Employ experimentation, problem-solving and invention by demonstrating advanced practical and decision-making skills to evidence a commitment to artmaking
  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of a diverse range of fine art practices and debates, and the ability to position them within contemporary cultural, social, and historical contexts
  • Self-direct continuing learning and development through independent planning and critical reflection that demonstrates ethical, inclusive, and safe practices in both studio and external activities
  • Communicate effectively in visual, oral, and written forms to articulate, analyse and evaluate ideas and the work of self and other practitioners
  • Apply developed conceptual and practical approaches to making a consolidated body of work

Cultivate Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Thinking

Learn to examine issues critically from different disciplinary perspectives, questioning, evaluating and integrating ideas into cohesive responses that are authentically your own.

Reap the Benefits of an Unprecedented UAL-NAFA Partnership

Our NAFA honours degree in fine art has been validated by the top-ranked art and design University of the Arts London (UAL), the first partnership UAL has in offering validated programmes outside the United Kingdom. You will benefit from this prestigious partnership most tangibly through a seven-week international placement in London, where you will attend classes and workshops there to expand your learning multifold.

Add a Unique Southeast Asian Dimension to Your Art Practice

Singapore’s advantageous location in the region will enable you to plug into the dynamic arts scene of Southeast Asia, raise critical disprogramme and open new perspectives to expand the repository of artistic and cultural research of our region.

Read The Straits Times feature on our transformative programme.
Source: The Straits Times © SPH Media Limited. Permission required for reproduction

More Information
UAL Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the degree programmes, students are required to attain a total of 360 credits. For students admitted via direct entry into second year, they are required to attain a total of 240 credits, which comprise 120 credits for second year and 120 credits for third year.

Mode of Instruction

Lessons may be delivered face-to-face on campus or facilitated online. Lecturers employ a variety of teaching strategies and methods according to the needs of each module. Students are expected to attend every lesson as scheduled, either in the form of lectures, tutorials, discussions, demonstrations, case studies, practical exercises/classes, seminars, workshops, rehearsals, productions, laboratory/studio-based practice, screenings, field activities or e-learning/web-based interactions, which vary depending on the programme.

Assessment Methods

Each module is assessed by either class participation, written assignments, coursework, practical activities, performances, portfolio, oral presentations, peer reviews, projects, examinations, or any of these combinations which vary depending on the programme. Assessment methods may vary according to individual module requirements.

Career Pathways
  • Art Administrator
  • Art Facilitator
  • Art Service Provider
  • Art Technician
  • Art Teacher/Teaching Assistant
  • Art Therapist
  • Art Writer
  • Artist
  • Curator
  • Display Artist
  • Fine Art Apprentice/Consultant
  • Community Facilitator
  • Social Change Maker
  • Workshop Assistant


Students' Work


Code Title Semester Credits

Introduction to Fine Art

This unit is an introduction to the Fine Art Programme, programme requirements and expectations. This unit will orientate you to the practices and knowledge needed to understand your discipline and help you to develop your skills for independent and collaborative learning, reflection and self-development.
1 20

Fine Art Practices


This unit will explore a wide range of mediums through conventional and contemporary approaches to artmaking in three key practices – 2-Dimensional (painting, drawing, printmaking), 3-Dimensional (ceramics, sculpture, installation) and 4-Dimensional
(photography, performance art, sound art, video art). These practices allow for exploration within each medium, and encourage versatility and experimentation of materials, processes and techniques.
1 40

Positions 1

This unit asks you to reflect on the work you have made so far, identify your interests, explore your position and align your practice with the work of others. You will draw connections to your studio practice supported by professional development – to understand your role as an artist and art practitioner, to recognise key stakeholders in the complex and constantly evolving art ecosystem, and to effectively communicate your artistic aspirations.
2 20

Thinking Through Making

This unit is designed to enable you to develop your independent art practice in an experimental way towards concrete forms of realisation and in pursuit of your own self-directed enquiry.  By thinking through making, you will harness the cultural, contextual and theoretical enquiry that arises from this unit to inform your studio practice.
2 40

Positions 2

This unit is focused on illustrating your individual practice in relation to your peers’ and positioning your work within a wider practical and theoretical context. You will work towards the establishment of small experimental research collectives, within which connections and shared ideas can be mapped, applied, challenged, and expanded.
1 20

Collective and Collaborative Practices

This unit focuses on artists working collaboratively with non-art institutional and community stakeholders – a definite trend in the local and regional art landscape. The unit will work around a hypothetical project proposal for a community-engaged activity which students will undertake as a small group.
1 40

Positions 3

This unit provides opportunity to sustain a more focused approach towards analysing and materialising your own practice.  Working with both UAL and NAFA teams, the international placement seeks to cultivate cultural awareness, and to shape and encapsulate your research and practice enquiry as you head towards your final year.
2 20

Intervention and Practices

This unit will establish the first footings of your professional identity through publication practices and by partaking in residencies or professional internships. The unit will be delivered across multiple points through the academic semester into the Special Term.
2 40

Thinking, Making, Writing 1

This unit will build upon the skills and knowledge gained during your previous semesters of study and will foreground the interdependence between thinking, making, and writing. The connection between theory, research and practice, and its importance for the articulation of enquiry and creation of artwork will be explored in this unit
1 60

Thinking, Making, Writing 2

This unit asks you to position your work and engage with publics. This will require you to define and take control of the context in which you see your work operating in order to establish an awareness of how you might practice beyond this programme. You will be expected to write a critical analysis about your research and practice and locate your position in relation to your identified site and audience.
2 60
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How to Apply

Get started on your quest to become an art & design professional today! 

Apply online

Application for the August 2024 intake has closed. Please visit us on 1 October 2024 to apply for the August 2025 intake.

Keep the Application Acknowledgement for your reference and submit the required documents

Keep the Application Acknowledgement for your reference and submit the required documents for verification within five working days from the application date at:

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Campus 1 (Admissions counter at level 1)
80 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189655

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

Alternatively, you can email a copy of the required documents to [email protected].

Required documents for verification:
  1. NRIC for Singapore Citizens (SC) or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR), passport and valid Student’s Pass card (if applicable) for international students
  2. English qualifications (e.g. IELTS/TOEFL iBT), if applicable
  3. Certified true copies of academic certificates and transcripts:
    • For NAFA Diploma students
      • If you are currently in your final semester, please submit your Year 3 Semester 1 academic transcript
    • For Local Polytechnic Diploma students
      • If you are currently in your final semester, please submit your academic transcripts of your first 5 semesters. Subsequently, please submit your Diploma certificate and full academic transcript (all semesters) within 5 working days from the official release date
    • For other international qualifications
      • Please submit your most recent school examination or preliminary examination results, which must be certified by your school if you have not received your final results. Subsequently, please submit your final results and certificate within 5 working days from the official release date

Make payment of the Application Fee at the cashier counter in NAFA or online

Make payment of the Application Fee at the cashier counter in NAFA or online at Applicants who are paying online will be required to upload the above documents during application.

Upload your portfolio

Upload your portfolio here

Receive an email

You will receive an email from the Student Admissions Office on the details of your portfolio interview upon receipt of all required documents and portfolio.

Application outcome

Receive the outcome of your application via email within 4 – 6 weeks after your Portfolio Submission/Interview/Audition or Admission Test.