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Design Your Identity in the Arts

Drive positive change and lead the next generation of artists and designers by nurturing your talent, and discovering your artistic identity through the arts. Here at the NAFA Faculty of Art & Design, we encourage you to develop your passion for fine art and design whilst learning how to be effective creative thinkers, problem solvers and builders of the future.

Immersed in our holistic and integrative learning culture, you will cultivate strong creative expression, technical competencies and innovative practices in our practice-led and industry-focused curriculum that includes studio work, industry projects and internships with established art and design practitioners and overseas attachments.

The interdisciplinary learning you engage in will also teach you critical thinking skills that are adaptable across a wide variety of disciplines, putting you in good stead to work in almost any industry you desire upon graduation. In addition, you will find opportunity to reflect, allowing you to develop your unique artistic voice and visual language within a Southeast Asian context.

All our diploma programmes have the option of progressing seamlessly into honours degree programmes validated by the world-renowned University of the Arts London (UAL), if you desire to further deepen your expertise and craft.

There are no boundaries in what you do. Challenge the present and change the future!

Sabrina Long, Dean, Faculty of Art & Design