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Students who wish to withdraw from or defer their programme must submit their withdrawal/deferment application, duly completed, to the Student Admissions Office (for incoming students) or Office of Student Affairs (for current students). The effective date of withdrawal or deferment is determined by the Student Admissions Office (for incoming students) or Office of Student Affairs (for current students) after all formalities stated on the withdrawal form/deferment application have been complied with. Upon receipt of duly completed Refund Form, NAFA shall within seven working days refund the programme fees paid in accordance with the conditions as set out below.

NAFA Foundation Programme

Refund If Student’s duly completed Refund form is received
Full refund of the Programme Fee, and Health Services Fee paid less Administrative Fee Within Cooling-off Period, that is, within 7 working days after signing the admission form.
Refund fees paid less:-
  1. Administrative fee for the year,
  2. Health Services fee for the year and
  3. Telegraphic Transfer Fee (if applicable)
After Cooling-off Period and before the commencement of the programme
No Refund On or after the Programme Commencement Date

Deferment To A Subsequent Trimester At Request Of Student

There is no refund. Programme fee, Administrative fee and Health Services fee are waived when student resumes study.


  1. Aside from the voluntary withdrawal requests put up by the Students, the above Refund Policy is also applicable when the Student is expelled from NAFA or withdrawal from the programme for any reason.
  2. The Trimester Commencement Date is the date of the first Term of the Trimester.
  3. NAFA reserves the right to claim against the Student and/or parent/guardian for any balance outstanding payment due and payable.
  4. Refund of SkillsFuture Credit must be paid directly to SSG which in turn will reinstate student’s SkillsFuture Credit account.