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Every Gift is an Opportunity

A significant number of NAFA students are from lower-income families and encounter difficulties meeting the costs of an arts education. Many of them work part-time to supplement their education costs and family finances—often at the expense of their classes. We support these students through a range of programmes. These are as follows:

Scholarships and Financial Awards


NAFA offers a range of scholarships, merit awards and bursaries that both recognise students’ academic achievements and help them cope with the cost of an arts education. Each year, more than 150 awards are given out.

Hear what our scholarship recipients have to say here, or find out more.

Student Relief Fund


The NAFA Student Relief Fund aims to help full-time NAFA students whose families face sudden financial difficulties. The financial assistance scheme will help these students pay part of their course fees, subsidise study-related expenses and cover subsistence costs like food and transport. In most cases, relief funding is awarded to a student when their family’s sole breadwinner falls critically ill or is retrenched and the family is facing dire financial circumstances.

Your gift will help prevent these students from disrupting or withdrawing from their education, and help ease their family’s financial burden. To find out more or apply, please click here.

NAFA Talent Development Programme


The NAFA Talent Development Programme aims to identify talented students and groom them in their related fields of study through customised programmes, opportunities and support for them to create and take creative risks. Students will have the exclusive opportunity to undergo a mentorship programme with an established NAFA alumnus or industry leader. To find out more, please click here.

NAFA Development Fund


The NAFA Development Fund enables the students and staff of the academy to learn and teach in a well-resourced academy. The Fund seeks to uncover new collaboration opportunities as well as platforms to showcase student works. This complements students’ learning and offers them increased exposure, so they may scale new heights and maximise their potential. The Fund also goes towards improving NAFA’s infrastructure to build a robust learning environment that both students and staff can benefit from.