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Bringing Compelling Visual Stories to Life

Visual stories preserve the memories that are our legacy. By equipping you with the fundamentals of visual literacy and storytelling, the School of Design & Media empowers you to capture meaningful experiences and tell those very stories. Staying ahead of the fast-evolving design industry, you will learn to leverage media authoring tools to explore the multi-faceted world of media with finesse.

We embed powerful critical thinking and reflection skills into your learning to enable you to explore design complexities and navigate socio-cultural perspectives with confident curiosity. Ultimately, you will master all the communication and technical skills you need to excel in any sector or design field you wish to enter upon graduation, creating content that is powerfully effective in the present and beyond.

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Develop Diverse Socio-cultural Perspectives

You will benefit greatly from the diverse cultural profile of your fellow students as you embrace different perspectives in your course of study, exploring and redefining social and cultural concerns within the region. Develop your own design language as you consciously cultivate socially impactful design.

Build Meaningful Industry Relationships

Our school immerses you in real industry experiences in the form of study trips, industry projects, collaborations and partnerships with our established network of companies and organisations. Along the way, you will cultivate important industry relationships and connections, honing your creativity and encouraging interdisciplinary thinking in the real world.

Cultivate Creative Attitudes

In your three years with us, you will embark on an enlightening journey of cultivating your own creative voice and attitude. Year by year, you will discover yourself and the discipline, define your creative language, and defy any pre-conceived knowledge and redefine creative boundaries for the larger good of the community.

Design and Media serve as catalysts for differentiation and impact in an information-loaded environment. They can elevate ordinary stories into exceptional ones and transform ideas into captivating experiences through visual literacy and storytelling. Unleash your creativity and shape the future through the art of content creation.

Levi Lim, Associate Dean, School of Design & Media