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Experiences that Go Beyond the Classroom Walls

Life at NAFA is fulfilling and multi-dimensional. Our students can look forward to a journey filled with a plethora of opportunities to study, play and work to the fullest.

Student Activities

We believe in letting our students take the lead in their own learning journey. Our students are encouraged to organise and attend the activities they want, making an impact in their own ways on the NAFA school community.

Our Faculty

We care deeply about excellence in pedagogy. Our faculty comprises local and international experts and professionals, all of whom are dedicated to a full student-centred learning experience. Their efforts have inspired our students to pursue meaningful careers in the arts and empowered them with confidence in their chosen field.


Our rigorous and practice-led curriculum equips our students with a firm foundation in the arts, all while nurturing their creativity and encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Here are some highlights:

  • Cross-disciplinary electives for our students to expand their learning, as they select elective modules they are personally interested in.
  • Individual and group assessments that encourage our students to be self-directed and responsible learners.
  • Interdisciplinary arts in collaboration with NAFA’s Institute of Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA), offer our students a platform to work together, experiment with ideas, and innovate across disciplines in the area of Southeast Asian arts, history and culture.
  • Entrepreneurship@NAFA encourages a spirit of exploration and innovation in our students as they collaborate and network with peers and industry partners.

Industry-based Learning

Industry-based learning places our students right in the thick of the action with established local and international companies, helping them gain broader perspectives and problem-solving skills. These authentic experiences ultimately prepare them for their future careers and open doors for them to grow.

Some highlights include:

  • For diploma students: Industrial attachments, internships, industry/community projects and teaching practices within our network of esteemed creative industry partners.
  • For degree students: Live-client projects, internships, arts residencies, professional public productions and teaching practicums.

Talent Development

NAFA takes pride in the many budding young artists and creatives who join our passionate and dedicated community, and dedicates substantial resources to nurture our students and help them achieve their full potential.

The NAFA Talent Development Programme (NTDP) offers exemplary students access to a mentorship programme and myriad of industry exposure and career opportunities to impact both the local and global arts scene. Through the customised support and range of development programmes, NTDP can support students in achieving their fullest potentials.