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The Student Notebook Subsidy Scheme provides financial subsidy to students from the lower income household to purchase a personal notebook for their studies at NAFA.

  • Full time Diploma (1st & 2nd Year) & Degree (1st & 2nd Year) students
  • Full time students enrolled in the NAFA Foundation Programme
  • Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Financially needy students, with household per-capita income (PCI) not exceeding S$1,100 per month or Gross Household Income (GHI) not exceeding $4,400 per month
*Each student may only receive one subsidy throughout his/her Diploma/Degree programme in NAFA OR after a lapse of 3 Academic Years, whichever applies earlier.

  • Gross Household Income (GHI) refers to the total gross monthly income of family members living in the same household.
  • Per-capita income (PCI) refers to gross household income (GHI) divided by the number of family members living in the same household.
Amount of Subsidy:
The household income will determine the subsidy that the student is eligible for. The income criteria is based on a 2-tier system where students will be eligible for the following subsidies:

Household income per month Eligible Subsidy
PCI ≤ S$750 or GHI ≤ S$3,000 Tier 1: One-time subsidy of $1,000
PCI S$751 - S$1,100 or GHI S$3,001 - S$4,400 Tier 2: One-time subsidy of $500

Students only need to meet one of the income assessment criteria (either PCI or GHI) to qualify for the subsidy. If a student meets both the GHI and PCI assessment criteria, the subsidy that accords the higher provision will be awarded to the student.

Application period for Semester 1 AY24/25:

Partner Vendor promotion price list
Recommended specs for each course

Co-payment (22 July – 5 August 2024) *Link will be opened on 22 July 2024
New Diploma/Degree: Click Here
Current Diploma/Degree: Click Here
**Current students must login to their NAFA accounts to submit this application

Reimbursement (6 – 30 August 2024) *Link will be opened on 6 August 2024
(receipts from 1 June 2024 onwards are eligible, provided all other criteria are met)
Yr 1 & 2 Diploma/Degree students: Click Here
**All applicants must login to their NAFA account

Latest Outcome release

Co-payment: 12 August 2024
  • Deadline to purchase: 30 August 2024
Reimbursement: 9 September 2024
  • Successful recipients will receive their subsidies transfer by end September 2024

Application details:


There are two ways that students can apply:

  1. Co-payment method

    • Students apply for the subsidy during the respective application period by submitting the online application form.
    • Students who meet the requirements will be notified on the subsidy offered.
    • Students may then choose and purchase the desired notebook models from NAFA’s partner vendors (to enjoy educational price and warranty) by the given deadline.
    • Students will co-pay the cost of the notebook to the vendor, nett off the subsidy.
    • Delivery of the notebook may take 4 - 8 weeks.

  2. Reimbursement method

    • Students may purchase the notebook by paying the full price upfront from (i) NAFA’s partner vendors (to enjoy educational price and warranty) or (ii) preferred retailer of their choice.
    • After the purchase, students may apply for the notebook subsidy by submitting the online application form.
    • Students who meet the requirements will be offered the subsidy on a reimbursement basis.

  3. Note: Receipt (for in-store purchases) or delivery notice (for online purchases) of the notebook purchase must bear the full name of the student

For enquiries, please email Office of Student Care (Financial Aids & Awards Scheme) at [email protected]