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Stage Your Best Future

The School of Theatre will prepare you to take on a whole variety of roles on and off stage, shaping you into a well-rounded theatre-maker who will be the voice of change for the future.

Designed to reflect life just as the art of theatre does, our curriculum goes beyond training your skills as an actor in terms of body, voice and mind—we also teach you different mediums and performing styles such as Applied Theatre, Directing and Playwriting.

There is also a strong focus on interdisciplinary practice and industry-based learning, so that you will learn how to collaborate with artists from other disciplines while working in real-world industry productions.

In addition, your training will incorporate Southeast Asian, Eastern and Western theatre practices, all of which nurture your creative voice and equip you with a myriad of unique multicultural perspectives to take on the global stage.

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Be a True Theatre Master

The field of theatre is naturally multi-disciplined and collaborative, with a need for practitioners to have thorough knowledge on wide aspects of the industry. These skills are fundamental to both artistic and non-artistic roles within the industry, so whether you ultimately choose to work on stage or off, you will still train in the same fundamental skill sets to be a true master of theatre, including acting, content creation, and performance in different contexts and styles.

Explore Your Passions and Realise Your Talents

You are encouraged to discover your passion for different performance and non-performance roles. Whether you choose to be an actor, director, writer or a stage manager, you will find your standing with us as you explore new areas in stagecraft, essential teaching and learning as well as elective modules, and industry projects.

Take the Next Step in the Theatre Industry

Upon completion of three fulfilling years with us nurtured by our world-class faculty, the world is your stage. Dive right into theatre work and take the industry by storm, or choose to further your learning journey with a BA (Hons) in Performance Making.

We believe that theatre is a powerful tool for social and self-exploration. At our School of Theatre, we train our students to be well-rounded theatre-makers who skillfully convey stories that matter. Our unique curriculum explores diverse cultures and performance traditions, offering programmes in acting, directing, playwriting, and design. Join us to be part of the next generation of theatre-makers, sharing impactful stories with the world.

Rei Poh Cheng Leong, Associate Dean, School of Theatre