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If you are a graduate of one of our full-time courses, you automatically become part of the alumni network. However, we also welcome graduates of part-time certificate courses and members of the public to join. Our alumni network members fall under different categories:

NAFA Alumni

  • Graduates of all NAFA full-time diploma, specialist diploma, degree and master’s programmes

NAFA Associate

  • Graduates of part-time certificate courses (including enrichment courses offered by the Centre for Lifelong Education, School of Young Talents and NAFA Arts Preschool)

  • 1-time membership fee of S$100

Friends of NAFA

  • Members of public

  • 1-time membership fee of S$150

As an alumni network member, you qualify for benefits offered by the academy and our partnering merchants. You can also participate in networking opportunities such as social get-togethers, talks, performances and events. These are opportunities for you to connect with like-minded business leaders, educators, creative professionals, performers, art practitioners and more.

Join the alumni network and stay in touch with our latest events and happenings.

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