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Physical Exhibition: 20 May (Sat) – 25 June (Sun)

Opening Ceremony | Fine Art Industry & Alumni Nite: 20 May (Sat), 6.30pm

Fine Art Show: Degree & Diploma
20 May (Sat) – 27 May (Sat)
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries 1 & 2 | Objectifs
Lim Hak Tai Gallery | Fashion Gallery

Fashion Show: Diploma | Industry & Alumni Nite
(By invitation only)
8 June (Thu), 6.30pm
Lim Hak Tai Gallery | Fashion Gallery

Design Show: Degree & Diploma
9 June (Fri) – 25 June (Sun), 6.30pm
Lim Hak Tai Gallery | The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries 1 & 2
(Note: The website will go live on 20 May)

Opening Speeches: Student representatives
Congratulatory Message: Dean of Faculty of Art & Design, Ms. Sabrina Long Chin Ling
Awards Presentation:
  • NAFA Fine Art Graduating Awards by The Woon Brothers Foundation
  • Make an Impact (Fine Art) Award
  • School of Fine Art Best Studentship Awards
  • 3D Design Creative Awards
  • Design and Media Most Promising Creative Award
  • Fashion’s Best Collection Award
  • School of Art & Design’s Best Studentship Awards
Performance: School of Fine Art

The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is proud to present The Grad Expectations 2023, an annual graduation exhibition to be held from 20 May (Sat) to 25 June (Sun) 2023. This year’s features over 360 works created by the academy’s pioneer graduating degree students from Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Design Practice, alongside their diploma counterparts from the School of Fine Art, 3D Design, Design & Media, and Fashion Studies. Themed ‘Venture Boldly’, these graduands embody NAFA’s spirit of exploration and creativity, as they boldly push the frontiers of experimentation in their works.

The Grad Expectations unfolds in three physical showcases--the Fine Art Show: Degree & Diploma, Fashion Show: Diploma and Design Show: Degree & Diploma--each presenting a collection of works with technical finesse and immense talents in their crafts. Additionally, the School of Fashion Studies will host a by-invitation-only physical runway show produced by iconic Fashion veteran Daniel Boey.

Key highlights from the exhibitions include, Of Flesh & Blood by Lay Yen Ting, Diploma in Fine Art, which takes the form of heartfelt narratives that explore the discourse of power dynamics between different communities in Singapore--Rich vs Poor, Male vs Female, and Man vs State--through printmaking and new media. Lay’s work encourages a shift in perspectives to spark deeper conversations surrounding local socio-political landscape. Over the course of her studies, she has evolved into a skillful storyteller, competent illustrator and now artist-educator, hosting regular workshops and exhibitions with art collectives such as The ArtGround and STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery.

This year, the pioneer graduating batch of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Design Practice programme will also put their works on display. Drawing cultural inspiration from their overseas placement at the University of the Arts London, Muhammad Irfan Bin Zakariah together with Nur Syazana Binte Khalid and Widyan Ardini Binte Mulyadi were eager to pursue a critical discourse of their own background. Siapa Kami? A Malay Diaspora examine and rediscover the cultural heritage of Malay sub-ethnic groups through sensory product design. Capitalising on the users’ five senses, the product incorporates the sensory experiences into art motifs; each representing the Malay ethnic relations the user connects with on a subconscious level, and customising it into memorable product designs. The trio is ready to approach the industry with confidence; with Zackariah already securing a career opportunity as an account executive in a branding and design agency upon graduation.

Reinvorgating the influence of Chinese ink traditions with Western abstraction, Oscar Xyh, Bachelor of Fine Art, features his signature style in Black on Black no. 3. Guided by the play of improvisation andinstinct, the realness of unplanned marks of pure abstract forms and composition defines his approach. His paintings depart from the conventional relationship with the ink brush, and emphasises on personal expression in the modern times. Under the mentorship of multi-award winning Singaporean ink painting artist, Hong Sek Chern, Xyh is taking the lead in contemporary Chinese ink artmaking, he had recently exhibited in ‘PA3otic’ in Crane (Arab Street) and ‘Baisheng Church Art Exhibition’, both held in 2022.

A nod to the growing concerns over environmental impact, Reinard Nicodemus Risman, Diploma in Illustration with Animation, tackled the theme of sustainability in a campaign for fashion giant, Levi’s. The conceptualised mural, Metamorphosis combines Augmented Reality (AR) technology, creating an immersive and engaging experience with a clear call to action to repair, reimagine and recycle used garments. Reinard’s ability to merge analog with digital artmaking makes the creation process playful, innovative and experiental while addressing the challenges of today’s society.

From a generation that has been popularising the maximalism aesthetic with their colourful, organic and eccentric fashion styles, Quek Yu Tong, Diploma in Fashion Design presents Saccharine Rush, a womanswear collection that is brash, blunt and bold. Her fresh take on the maximalist trend evokes a journey of curiosity and self-discovery; qualities essential for growth in successful creatives. Her spirit of experimentation extends beyond fashion design, having interned with fashion apparel supplier, Decks, where she gained a 360° perspective from strategising, planning, to execution in the fashion industry.

Ms Sabrina Long, Dean of FOAD, highlighted the importance for young creatives to be nimble, imaginative, and courageous in all they create, “The Grad Expectations gives our students the pedestal and freedom to be ambitious with their ideas, to start collaborations and build that creative momentum as they continue in their creative paths. At NAFA, this artistic ambition along with the academy’s spirit of passion, care and excellence is ingrained in our day-to-day curriculum, allowing our young arts and design aspirants to create their mark in the arts and beyond.

Since 2015, the FOAD graduation showcase provides a platform for NAFA’s visual arts and design students of NAFA to present their final year projects. The exhibition’s Industry & Alumni Nite (8 June) also invites key leaders from art and design organisations to meet the graduands and view their works. This initiative allows students opportunities to forge connections and connect with potential employers, as they close a chapter in their creative journey. NAFA invites you to view the exhibitions and join the opening to celebrate the works of the next generation of creative changemakers.

ANNEX 1 – The Grad Expectations 2023 Publicity Image
ANNEX 2 – The Grad Expectations 2023 Background Information
ANNEX 3 – Key Works from The Grad Expectations 2023
ANNEX 4 – The Grad Expectations 2023 Official Opening Schedule


Diploma in Fine Art Lay Yen Ting’s Of Flesh & Blood explores the power disparity between various groups and communities in Singapore.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Design Practice students collaborated on ‘Siapa Kami? A Malay Diaspora’, integrating sensory association into product design based of Malay sub-ethnic groups.

Bachelor of Fine Art Oscar Xyh marries Chinese and Western art philosophies in his painting, Black on Black no. 3.

To raise awareness on sustainability, Illustration with Animation’s Reinard Nicodemus Risman conceptualised a series of AR murals for fashion giant, Levi’s, to be displayed in the heart of the city.

Quek Yu Tong’s Saccharine Rush portrays a sweet, sentimental, and nostalgic spirit in the moment of experiencing an adrenal sensation.