Storytelling in Southeast Asian Films workshop

16, 17, 20 and 21 August 2018
Seminar Room and Creative Media Studio

In conjunction with the inaugural film exhibition 'Storytelling in Southeast Asian Films' at NAFA, a 4-day workshop was designed and coordinated with practitioners and principals from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. This workshop that was organised as an in-curriculum module to over 30 Screen Media students, had filmmakers Sherman Ong, Kong Pahurak and Garin Nugroho share with participating students their expertise on storytelling through films and the various techniques to be considered when creating a film.

As an outcome of the workshop, students were tasked to create a short film revolving around the topic of 'Asian identity', through the use of incidents based on their personal experiences.


Students sharing with peers their definition of 'Asian Identity'

Filmmakers Sherman Ong and Kong Pahurak screening their films to students as relevant examples

Filmmaker Garin Nugroho sharing with students the process of creating a story in a film

Students receiving feedback from the filmmakers after screening their short films as outcomes of the workshop