Musik Tuboh - Acehnese Music and Body Percussion

13 - 15 March 2019
NAFA Campus 1, Tower Block TB10-01

The Institute of Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA) invited Murtala and Alfira O’Sullivan of Suara Indonesia Dance for this second collaboration with students, alumni and affiliates of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), which explored a combination of percussive music and dance of intricate pattern-making in the sense of community unique to Southeast Asia.

The programme ensued from a two-day workshop on 13 and 14 March 2019, which presented the art of body percussion in Aceh, North Sumatra. Invited members of Sanggar Budaya Aceh Nusantara (BUANA) performed alongside students, alumni and affiliates of NAFA to demonstrate two forms of sitting dance such as Ratoh Jaroe and Ratéb Meuseukat, as well as the standing dance Seudati. The performance followed with a lively lecture-demonstration and a Q&A discussion with the audience.


Video of the event on 15 March 2019

Performance of the sitting dance Ratéb Meuseukat by Suara Indonesia Dance and Sanggar Budaya Aceh Nusantara (BUANA)

Performance of Acehnese body percussion by NAFA students and alumni

Performance of the standing dance Seudati by the guest performers, as well as NAFA students and alumni

The performances were presented with accompaniment of musical instruments and the aneuk syahè (vocalist) who led the singing

Murtala and Alfira O'Sullivan of Suara Indonesia Dance speaking with the audience during the Q&A discussion