Lao Duang Duen - A showcase by Theatre students

9 - 15 May 2013
Dance Studios, C6-38 & C5-16

Lao Duang Duen - A traditional Thai song composed by Prince Benbadhanabongse (38th son of King Rama V) in memory of his forbidden love and marriage with Chiang Mai royalty, Princess Chomchuen. This classical piece has been passed on for generations and has been performed throughout Thailand with different instrumental compositions and variations.

ISEAA together with lecturer, Grace Leong, invited Thailand’s renowned puppetry troupe, Joe Louis Theatre to conduct a traditional Thai puppetry (Khon) workshop for 16 Theatre students from 9 - 15 May.

Revolving around the story of Lao Duang Duen, students were introduced to basic classical Thai Dance movements as well as the skills to manipulating a Thai puppet.


Students learning how to coordinate and manoeuvre the puppet within their group.

Students learning the different movements of a puppet.

Students at their final rehearsals before the performance.

Thai principals demonstrating to students various ways to manoeuvre the puppet to portray a realistic role during the performance.