ISI-Padangpanjang Minangkabau Music Workshop

25 - 27 September 2017
NAFA Campus 3, Lecture Studio C4-02

A 3-day Minangkabau music workshop was conducted for Year 2 Music Teaching and Composition students in collaboration with School of Music (SOM), NAFA and Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Padangpanjang.

Three Indonesian music lecturers from ISI Padangpanjang specialising in talempong (brass/bronze gong chimes), dendang (traditional vocal music) and sarunai (traditional Minangkabau wind instrument) introduced to students some of the indigenous musical instruments and traditions in the West Sumatra region. Students were split up into groups to try out the various music ensembles, ending with mini performances on the last day.


Students playing the rapai (a small hand drum) and performing dendang (traditional vocal music)

Students performing the Gandang Tambua ensemble, with ISI Padangpanjang music lecturer Mr Susandra (middle) playing the gandang tasa

(From left to right) ISI Padangpanjang music lecturers Mr Susandra and Mr Alfa, teaching students the art of playing the rapai, a small hand drum

ISI Padangpanjang music lecturer Mr Alfa (left), playing the gandang sialang, in a mini performance of the talempong sialang ensemble with students on the last day of the workshop

(From left to right) ISI Padangpanjang music lecturers Mr Alfa and Mr Halim, showing students how to play talempong pacik