Concept Thinking with Sculpture: Workshop with Anna Chiara Spellini

10 - 13 September 2012
Sculpture Workshop

Foremost Italian sculptor, Ms Anna Chiara was invited by ISEAA to conduct a hands-on sculpting workshop for a class of 11 students from the Fine Art and 3D Design Departments. Students created clay models from scratch under the supervision and guidance of the artist.


Fine Art student translating her idea from paper to sculpture.

Italian sculptor, Anna Chiara Spellini moving around the Sculpture workshop to monitor students' progress.

Italian sculptor, Anna Chiara Spellini looks on at 3DD student, Belinda Mulyani Soetantio's clay sculpture as she offers encouragement and guidance to the student.

Italian sculptor, Anna Chiara Spellini (left) giving guidance on how a student's sculpture can be improved on.