Composers' Seminar: examining the development of folk song in a choral setting for Filipino choirs

15 August 2017
NAFA Campus 3, Lecture Studio C6-27

Dr Joel Navarro and Professor Eudenice Palaruan from the Singapore Bible College were specially invited by ISEAA for an academic facilitation as part of the Composition Module taught by Head of Composition Studies, Dr Goh Toh Chai. The event was organised for composition students from across the 3-year diploma and degree course who attended the seminar on 15 August 2017 at Lecture Studio C6-27.

An introduction given by Dr Navarro provided a brief historical background of Philippine choral music, examples of indigenous music instruments, as well as general features of Philippine choral art of the last 60 years. Professor Palaruan expertly demonstrated selected works of Filipino compositions such as 'Pasigin', 'Pokpok Alimpako', 'Pamugun' and 'Koyu No Tebulul'. All students had the privilege of an interactive and enriching dialogue with the professors towards the end of the session.


Professor Eudenice Palaruan demonstrating the tongali, a traditional bamboo nose flute that is known among natives of Kalinga in the Philippines

Dr Joel Navarro explaining about Philippine indigenous music instruments