BA Fine Arts Year 2 Lecture and Workshop: Politics and Responsibility in Artistic Practice- Integrity, Morals, Ethics

5 August 2021
NAFA Campus 1

This two-part workshop considered case studies in art history where the process of negotiation in art production and audienceship are concerned.

The lecture explored communities, diversities and difference, and offers variations on consideration prior to research and artistic practice involving the same. The act of planning, of stakeholding and documentation reflects the moral and ethical questions of an artist’s role and work, and its permanence or impermanence.

During the workshop session itself, the students grouped in teams to consider a particular social narrative and how they might convey that narrative within the context accounting for sensitivities in communities and audienceship. Their presentations accommodated elements of ethics and moral considerations around the political positioning of their narrative. And on the practical front, how they produced their narratives using their sources was also under scrutiny, to create a wider understanding of stakeholding and the artist’s place in his or her social milieu.


The workshop began with addressing questions on ethical responsibilities in artistic practice

Dr Bridget Tracy Tan referenced past and existing projects to touch upon the communities within which they exist

The students were tasked to consider particular social narratives and discuss how they might manouvre them in their personal artistic practices

The students also presented their reflections on issues such as ethical concerns in acquiring resources to convey their artistic visions