Vision and Verity: Works in bronze and marble by Anna Chiara Spellini

ISBN Number: 978-981-07-4980-4

Born in 1945 and baptised as a Roman Catholic in the province of Varese to a sculptor father and a painter mother, Anna Chiara Spellini was exposed to museums, churches, art and architecture at a young age and began her artistic endeavours under her parents' guidance and influence. However, her first level of education was in agriculture as she obtained a doctorate in the subject, which she applied to working on the family farm for many years.

The richness and breadth of her life experiences have undoubtedly shaped her perspective and artistic development, 40 of which are showcased in this book. These works demonstrate the complex narratives of sculpting marble and casting bronze, and include quintessential subjects of mostly natural forms of figures, torsos and busts.

Also featured in this book is The Rhythms of Unspoken Poetry - prologues to the art of Anna Chiara Spellini by Dr Bridget Tracy Tan, Director of the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts and Art Galleries, NAFA, an essay deftly discussing the artist, her work and the processes behind them.

Text in English.

Published by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2013