Boundless: The Art of Kim Hai Lim

ISBN Number: 978-981-11-8601-1

Lim Kim Hai was born in Selangor, Malaysia in 1950. He graduated from NAFA in 1972 and went on to enroll at the famed École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in 1975. 

Boundless: The Art of Kim Hai Lim is a selection of oil paintings produced over the last 3 decades, ranging from his early works of the 1980s as influenced by a Parisian classical style, to his recent creations that are bold in colour and character. The publication includes texts by Lim Kim Hai, Choy Weng Yang, Zhao Hong, Patrice Christian Vallette and  Zou Lu, narrating Lim's journey to becoming an artist and his evolving practice over time.

English text is accompanied by Chinese translations.

Published by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2018