White Space: A Legend, the Lady and the Voyager – General Studies Module (in collaboration with SOAD Foundation Programme)

In collaboration with the School of Art and Design (SOAD) Foundation Programme, 500 Year 1 students were invited to visit the exhibition White Space: A Legend, the Lady and the Voyager, where they were given the opportunity to interact with emerging artists, Fitri Ya’akob and Vimal Kumar. Students participated in dialogues about the different modes of artmaking and were enaged in conversations about the artists' motivations and creative process.

Moderated by Dr. Bridget Tracy Tan, Director of the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts and Art Galleries at NAFA, the dialogue provided a platform for students to connect with fellow young artists.

Prior to the tour, students were given a set of exercises to help them think about the works presented in the exhibition. Themed "People, Cultures, and Beliefs," students were encouraged to think about the importance of personal histories in Southeast Asian artmaking.


Artist Fitri Ya’akob sharing the artistic process behind her short film entitled Blue People.

Artist, Vimal Kumar, shares with students, the inspiration and motivations behind his works.

Students were encouraged to engage in conversation with the artists to learn more about their works.