The Art of Seal Carving - A Movement Improvisation Perspective

18 April 2019
Lim Hak Tai Gallery

In conjunction with the exhibition ‘Within a square inch: the art of seal carving’,  20 Diploma in Dance Final Year students presented two dance improvisation performances, appreciating the art of seal carving through the lens of dance. Student dancers traversed the gallery to offer a different perspective of the practice of seal carving. Breaking away from the interpretation and representation of seals, the performances took on the character of improvised movements drawn from creative impulses stimulated within the gallery space.

A sharing session initiated by the student dancers after each segment touched upon their choreography that aimed to open minds to the prospect of drawing inspiration from across varied art forms to cultivate a dancer’s artistry and command of space, time, body and effort.

The performance was led by Lee Yeong Wen, Adjunct Lecturer of Dance Programme, in collaboration with the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA) as part of the Diploma in Dance final year curriculum.


Student dancers sharing their thoughts and experience with the lecturer after the performance

A student dancer working on her improvised movements drawn from the paintings and gallery space

A student dancer imitating a portrait of a horse as part of her choreography