NAFA students present responses to artist Danh Vo’s work

The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Art and Design is proud to present a collaboration with National Gallery Singapore, in relation to the “Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission: Danh Vo” exhibition taking place in November 2017. Taking Danh Vo’s sculptural installation as point of departure, students from the Design and Media, Fashion Studies and Fine Art programmes present their responses and interpretations on forms, issues of distortion and separation, identity and fragmentation through a series of collages, textile designs, and puzzle games. This interdisciplinary collaboration explores the different visual and conceptual aspects of the Danish-Vietnamese artist’s works and artistic practice, and simultaneously offers an opportunity for students to engage in conversations taking place in the global contemporary art scene.


National Gallery Singapore
City Hall Wing, Level 5, Rooftop Studios
6  - 13 July 2017
10am - 6.30pm

Interact with various artists at their Peer Presentation on Saturday, 8 July, 3 - 4pm.