Velda Emmeline Wijaya

Design & Media

Diploma in Graphic Communication

Best Graduate


Mooncake Packaging f...

2-tiers mooncake packaging, inspired by the shape of a traditional tingkat/rantang carriers – to introduce culture & heritage to youngsters with a more contemporary execution. The individual boxes are designed based on the mooncake flavors available.

Gift your Time for F...

A 4-stage-PR campaign for Fossil targeted to the youths. The aim is to encourage them to ‘gift’ their time to their loved ones. The campaign takes place in social media, OOH advertisements, and a pop-up event as the closure and peak of the series.

LOOK! Photobook

LOOK! is a 24pp photo publication consisting a series of pictures portraying 'Pareidolia', a term for the tendency of seeing faces in random objects.

Give Thanks Postcard...

A simple question we need to keep on asking to ourselves – “Are we grateful of what we have?” These postcards are designed to solicit the audience to be grateful for all the good things we are blessed with.

Work it, Steve! Moti...

White collar jobs may offer security and income stability, but the stress level are on the other side of the coin. Work It, Steve is an 8-bit game-inspired motion graphic that aims to encourage the audience to find their source of happiness.


  • 2021, NAFA Scholarship Receiver Academic Year 2021-2022, NAFA, Singapore.
  • 2021, 3rd Place Mooncake Packaging Competition, Packaging Hub, Singapore.
  • 2020, NAFA Dean's List Award Academic Year 2020-2021, NAFA, Singapore
  • 2020, NAFA Scholarship Receiver Academic Year 2020-2021, NAFA, Singapore.
  • 2019, NAFA Dean's List Award Academic Year 2019-2020, NAFA, Singapore


  • 2022 May, Branding and Design for NAFA Grad Expectations 2022.
  • 2022 March, Liaison of NAFA The Grad Expectations 2022 Photography Committee (D&M)
  • 2021 August-2022 January, Junior Art Director Intern at Blak Labs, Singapore.
  • 2021 November-present, Head of Publication & Design Division of the Indonesian Student Association in Singapore (PPI Singapura).
  • 2021 September, Kinetic Typography Creator for Singapore Art Museum (SAM) Unwraps: Sarah & Schooling and Yeow Kai Chai, Singapore.
  • 2020 May-2021 May, Creative Director of Laskar NAFA, Singapore.
  • 2020 February, Creative Department for "Laskar Pelangi: Senandika" Exhibition, Laskar NAFA, NAFA, Singapore.
  • 2020 January, Student Ambassador for NAFA Open House 2020, Singapore.