Chew Xinjie

Design & Media

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Graphic Communication (Top Up)


Silent Love

What is love? Is it forgiveness? Is it understanding? Is it support? It has many meanings, as well as our own interpretation. Many times, family members become unhappy with one another because they do not know how to communicate their feelings across, but this does not mean that love doesn’t exist. Silent Love is a project that shows how different families have different ways of showing their affection but still care for one another in silence.

Sparks of Life

It is said that it takes one at least 10 years to master something; Uncle Weng has long surpassed that number but still continues to stay committed to his craft. This photography project will showcase the passion and wholeheartedness Uncle Weng has for his job, along with some workmanship skills he possesses.

From their views

Animal abuse cases have been on the rise and people do so indiscriminately. People are aware of this issue but choose to turn a blind eye to such cases. The objective in doing this project is to bring up the social issue to make it more aware by the people. We hope to get people to be exposed to what the animals are facing and bring out the conscience in them, making them question themselves if they would like it if it happened to them.

Whirl Typeface

Whirl is a font based on the interesting curves and swirls of wind currents. The gentle and strong forces of the wind are represented in this font through the thin and thick expressive curves.

BreadTalk Advertisin...

Well-known for their introduction of creative breads in Singapore, BreadTalk has gain recognition in the bakery industry for being the trend setter. In order to improve the sales, the objective of this campaign is to make BreadTalk stand out as the preferred consumers’ choice in the bakery industry.


  • 2017 Aug, NAFA Entry Scholarship, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
  • 2015 & 2016 Jul, BreadTalk Group Scholarship, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore


  • Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts, NAFA Convocation 2018, Student Designer
  • Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts, The Grad Show 2017, Branding DM Student Committee
  • Rainbow Centre, Singapore Chairity Project 2016, Volunteer Artist
  • The Federation Of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore Singapore Heartland Enterprise Seminar Logo Design Competition 2016, Participant
  • Jones Knowles Ritchie, Jkr Juice Competition 2016, Participant
  • Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts, Teaching Workshop 2016, Contributor