Aw Ning Hui

Design & Media

Diploma in Advertising


Axe Medical Oil Camp...

#newgeneration_newsickness conveying how Axe medical oil can treat the younger generation's sickness caused by their habits or behaviour.

Coca-Cola 'Open Happ...

#LifeSucks_ it's a rebranded Coca-Cola product design that speaks out the bad moments you might face in the everyday life. The campaign aim to make us endure everyday in order to have a few moments of joy.

TAOboo Typographic B...

Gaining an insight from my parent when they are confused on how to pray the Chinese Gods in a right manner during a worship ceremony, I decided to make a book for not only for them but for all young generation about the taboos of praying Chinese god. I wish my book as a tool for our generation to become more understanding towards one another.

Colgate Whitening Ad

Prints crafted to show the benefits of Colgate since it removes 80% of surface stains and helps prevent new stains from forming. Whitening any things that shows the efficiency of it.


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  • 2017, Tan Ean Kiam Arts Bursary (Diploma)
  • 2016, Tan Chay Bing Merits Award (Diploma)