Amarasinghe Arachchige Kushan Maduranga Amarasinghe

3D Design

Diploma in Design (Landscape and Architecture)


The Epicurean

" THE EPICUREAN " Residential landscape project: Design concept is ideally inspired by the cuboid structure of architecture. The minimalism and simplicity of the structure give off the luxury impression and playing around with variations of height levels which makes the space more residential interactive. 

The Season of Bloom

The season of bloom Landscape proposal is inspired by the God Krishna’s 9 avatar and Hindus’ colour festival (Holi Festival). Using the 9-sided polygon to represent the 9 avatar. Colors in design correspond to those which can be found in the Holi Festival. The colored translucent shelter is designed to imitate the experience in the Holi festival by showering them with colored rays of light similar to those in the festival.

The Spruce Walkway

The Spruce Walkway is a landscape project inspired and mimicking Angkor Wat’s columns and central shrine layout plan by using variation of sizes and different types of textures for every each column design. The objective of this landscape space is to provide experience for people to feel the tightness yet freedom of space environment while enjoying the atmosphere. For instance, the transparent columns portrays the illusion of space which enhances the design definition and develop curios

Wild Paradise

Wild paradise landscape proposal is mainly mangroves conservation project. But at the same time, it will make the path to interact human and nature together. My intention is to offer close up memorable experience with nature and provides enriching nature based experiences for visitors.

The Silver Leaf

The proposal for the Open Theater Art Platform is strategically placed amidst historical and cultural trails of the City. Dynamic and diverse, it will revitalize cultural and social life for its citizens and future visitors. As a new art center, visitor center and outdoor trans formative garden and event space, it will connect to and engage with the city.


  • 2017 May-July, Internship at Cicada Pte.Ltd.
  • 2017 Oct, SILA Student Design Awards, Participation .
  • 2017 June, Central Glass International Architecture Design Competition, Participation.
  • 2016 Nov, Arkidtecture, Archifest, Facilitator.
  • 2016 Sep, Green Thumb, Perspective Drawing, Participation.
  • 2016 Mar, Angkor Wat Academy Wide Project, Exhibition.