Aldrich Hezekiah

Design & Media

Diploma in Illustration Design with Animation


Leaf wings

Animation project aiming to experiment in using scanned leaves to create the environment and backgrounds, keeping in theme of the story about a caterpillar finding dangerous misleading information on the ‘bug-net’ about using leaves as wings.

Blessed are the Hung...

Page taken from my comic project from the second year, showcasing the setting of the story in a decaying generation spaceship. The comic intentionally uses almost monotone color schemes to show different scenes and moments of the story which also helps drive the feel of despair and claustrophobia of the setting, while also helping save time on the project.

Calotes versicolor -...

A mix media illustration, I intended to create a realistic but caricaturized work of one familiar urban wildlife in Singapore.


A mock-up campaign project, showing prehistoric animals facing modern threats that today’s animals are going through. The project aims to experiment with the paleoart genre in showing prehistoric animals in a different unique light while also spotlighting real issues regarding wildlife conservation, drawing parallel between the similarities of prehistoric animals and modern-day wildlife.


Freelance tabletop project, creating illustrations for the client’s tabletop game. Establishing the art style and visual direction used for the tiles, tokens, and packaging, keeping in mind the balance between aesthetics, and readability of the game pieces.


  • 2017, Talent Scholarship Award, NAFA
  • 2019, 2nd place, NAFA x Moleskine Project


  • 2018 May - July, Game artist intern at SUTD, Gamelab
  • 2019 May - June, Freelance concept artist for Villa Gorilla studios
  • 2019 August - November, Animation specialist at Sixclouds Pte ltd
  • 2019 December, Freelance illustrator for Fortuna media’s Almost-real zine series
  • 2020, Character designer for grad show, NAFA
  • 2019 and 2020, Portrait Artist -Volunteer for Open House, NAFA