Akamu Zhupeni

Design & Media

Diploma in Illustration Design with Animation


Tag! You're it!

We're all familiar with the phrase "Tag! You're it!" What would the game of tag look like if it were taken from the imagination of the playground into reality? Over the years, with the use of their imagination, kids have been playing many different versions of this game. They only had the outdoors and their imagination to have a great time. So why not take the fun indoors into an interactive computer game?

Friends in the Wild

Moving to new strange places, it can be daunting and scary like out in the wild. But once you get to know people and take the courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable, the friendships created can become beautiful. The people you meet can show or teach you new and wonderful things about life.

Pulse of the Tribe

Sundown Marathon of 2015 focuses on different individuals coming together as one: running together as one body. In my design I wanted to portray that. The animals represent the different types of people in the race. Whether you're fast and agile like the cheetah, or small and humble like the rabbit, everyone is moving together. Everyone belongs in one tribe.

Who are you?

The past defines me, the present is forming me, and the future is directing me. Adapting.


A class project where we had to design a flyer/poster for an existing event. I chose to design a flyer for Lollapalooza, a really big music festival originated in Chicago.


  • Academic Art Excellence in AP Studio Art (2013)
  • Student Art Purchase Award (2013)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts (Association of Christian School International) (2013)