Agarwal Sanjana

Design & Media

Diploma in Graphic Communication



We make too much and buy too much, but maybe there is a way not to waste too much. Relove by Matter Prints helps the consumers to revive their love for their old clothes by giving it new life. It helps create awareness and educate people about upcycling by hosting a set of workshops and source old clothes to develop new products. Matter Prints abhors textile waste and wants people to appreciate textile production skills and craftsmanship by redesigning from waste.

Mood App

Mood is a campaign to trigger audience to start a conversation and talk about their emotions freely with their loved ones. This app was designed as a journal for audiences to note down their emotions with just a tap of a button and track changes in the feelings. The app also provides the users with art therapy exercises and consultation by trained practitioners


Devi is a photo book that takes inspiration from the Indian Goddess Culture. India is known as one of the most unsafe countries for women which seems strange as most of the Indians worship goddesses and believe the women in their lives to represent the same. The photobook follows a journey of an Indian woman who sacrifices herself to adopt a life of misery in the Indian society. The images in the book have been inspired from various instances and strong women figures in Indian Mythology.


Sawadee is inspired by traditional Thai Handicrafts and Hospitality, I deconstructed traditional handicrafts and developed digital assets such as textures, photoshop brushes, and swatches and created a set of nine posters. These posters were showcased at an exhibition at NAFA.

Mood Cards

Mood cards were created to trigger the audience to start a conversation and talk about their emotions freely with their loved ones. Mood comprises a set of 30 art therapy cards with each card depicting a specific emotion. These cards are used as an ice-breaker and encourage communication. I got the opportunity to launch this deck on Amazon India and sold 50 sets.


  • 2019 April, Best Creative Video, World no tobacco day awards, VSS Story.
  • 2019 May, 1st Runner Up, Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, NAFA.
  • 2014 June, Best in Textiles and Design, The Heritage School.
  • 2014 June, Best in Art, The Heritage School.
  • 2013 June, Best in Textiles and Design, The Heritage School.


  • 2020 January, Class Representative, NAFA.
  • 2019 November, Volunteer, Purple Parade, NAFA.
  • 2018 November, Participant and Exhibitor, OIP Thailand, NAFA.
  • 2015 July, Press Head, THSMUN, The Heritage School.
  • 2014 November - 2015 May, Creative and Photography Head, Youthopia, The Heritage School.
  • 2014 June - 2016 March, Director of Photography, Interact Club, The Heritage School.
  • 2012 January - 2016 November, Volunteer, Kritagya Organisation, Kolkata.