Adi Candra Nugroho

Design & Media

Diploma in Graphic Communication


Club Sndwch.

A Singapore lifestyle brand which caters to the needs of those in need of their dose of slow-paced life. Club Sndwch. is a unique concept of trendy and modern luxury intermingling Food, Music and Fashion. As a society complex, Club Sndwh. wants to bring a


The concept of this typeface is based from the sense of aesthetic from a minimalism. Minimalism itself identified as a character, something that is simple with a hold of basic elements and essentials. Influenced by the phenomenon of architecture and the m

Too Dead To Die

Is part of a lyric from Marilyn Manson. The chronicle of this quote is telling about regret, repentance, anxiety feeling and stuck in the dead end. However, I want to create a twist of the feelings and the mood become more glamorous, chic and sexy as cont

Al-Shafa’a, The Sere...

The linguistic definition of Al-Shafa’a الصفاء is “serenity”, clarity , purity, fineness or lucidity. Serenity, is also the calmness of mind, coolness and composure. There is no better place in this world than mosques, that’s where the issue are all e

Dia by Uniqlo

DIA BY UNIQLO is a design capsule collection dedicated to all Gender non-conforming people; bringing with them a variety of story and unique differences with the quality of non-binary. The base condition is to fill what they need as a gender non- conformi


  • 2015, Volunteer in Singapore Fashion Week
  • 2015, Volunteer in BLUEPRINT
  • Freelancer as a Fashion Stylist & Fashion Director
  • A Creative Director of NEVERAL, Surabaya