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Shuchita Kapur

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Degree Year 2

Creative Portfolio Review 2021

I got a lot of feedback on the potential of my work along with further research and readings that could benefit me.

Salma Salim

Diploma in Theatre (English Drama), Year 3

Career Week 2021

I learnt a lot about how to work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the different platforms I can leverage to help promote who I am as an actress.

Muhammad Amirul Mukminin Bin Abdullah

Diploma in Theatre (English Drama), Year 3

Career Week 2021

I have acquired the relevant knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about the industry, not only as an artist but an educator as well.

Desiree Chan

Diploma in Illustration Design with Animation, Year 1

Mental Wellness Webinar, 2021

I learnt how to better manage my stress and the science behind stress, and how it affects us psychologically and physically.

Ng Sheng Jun

Diploma in Music Teaching, Year 2

Creating a Sustainable Freelance Career as a Musician, 2022

Now, I know how to better prepare myself for the industry when I graduate.

Hong Yun Xin Jesey

Diploma in Design (Interior and Exhibition), Year 2

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2022

It was an insightful experience, and it also gave me a feel of what it's like to create a start-up!
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