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It’s time to put an end to these pointless, ridiculous stereotypes. 100 years ago, a group of women rose and defied.  100 years later, a group of people started a good trouble – for equality.  It's time for GOOD DEFIANCE.


ADNAN MUSBAH is a former National Cyclist.  Uncle Adnan is a well-respected man in the cycling field. After his competitive cycling days, he became a self-taught Bicycle Mechanic. When asked whether Uncle Adnan misses his heyday as a competitive cyclist, his answer was, no.  His dream of representing Singapore has been fulfilled. Hence, he moved on to fulfil other dreams.  This publication serves as a reminder to do what you love and do it with passion. 


Dance with fire while playing with wood. Burn for the things you love, let the rest rot. Stay hungry, fill the eye holes with dreams. They say, c’est la vie, but you can never tell. Life is funny. Pulp Fiction on the telly, down Jack Rabbit Slim’s, eyes on hardboiled page turners inked on pulp. Lurid, kitschy, spiralling in to unknowns. Bright lights, dance floor, bare feet twist. Needle into heart, you only live once.


Just when you thought everything was sailing smoothly,  waves knock against you and the wind decides to change its course. Just when you thought you’re a step, just a step closer to fulfilling your dreams, shit happens. What’s the point of mourning? The deceased is more alive than the living. A cover that can barely cover the book, clips that can barely contain the pages, pages different sizes all wanting to be noticed, screaming for help. Mourn in red. You’re finally free.


Campaign for a local household brand, ice cream parlour, Island Creamery. Series of posters and animations.

  • 2016 November, NAFA Exhibition, ON-AIR Gallery, Seen Through The Lens Showcase
  • 2017 April, NAFA Exhibition, ON-AIR Gallery, NAFA, Design and Media Portfolio Showcase
  • 2017 June, MAD in Singapore, Students’ Summit organised by NYP School of Design, and supported by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • 2017 Nov, NAFA Exhibition – How To Be a Human Being: According to the Millennials