White Space

White Space provides an avenue to experiment and discuss new ideas through the sharing of research processes by artists, researchers and partners. In this year's iteration of White Space, award-winning filmmaker Sherman Ong showcased his thought-provoking films which centred on social issues stemming from the political and cultural beliefs in the Nusantara. One notable work featured in the exhibition was Dara, Bini, Mati Laki (Maiden, Wife, Widow), a three-channel video that highlighted taboo topics of the Peranakan culture. In collaboration with the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts and School of Art and Design, a dialogue session on research and the practice of filmmaking was held with NAFA students and alumni.


Installation shot of the video installation, Dara, Bini, Mati Laki (Maiden, Wife, Widow)

Filmmaker Mr Sherman Ong delivering his speech on opening night

Installation view of Tak Tau Chai Si

Visitors viewing the video installation on opening night