Of Flowers & Trees: Works by Low Hai Hong

Born in 1941 in Indonesia, Low Hai Hong is an established visual artist and NAFA alumnus. This solo exhibition featured close to 40 oil paintings inspired by the artist's love for nature and his surroundings. Impressionistic renderings of luxuriant gardens, ponds and parks were on display, as well as landscapes produced during his arts residency at the NAFA-owned art studios in the famed Cité International des Arts in Paris, France. From delicate flowering shrubs to autumnal trees, the qualities of light and atmosphere were expertly captured on the painted surface to convey the subtle moods of the seasons. With attention to colour, form and strokes, the artist's arboreal musings and observations were brought to life, a testament to his prolific output and skilled practice over the years.


The artist, Mr Low Hai Hong, with Guest of Honour, Dr Tor Lam Huat, Chairman, Modern Confucianism Foundation

From left: Mr Chia Mia Chiang, President, NAFA, Mr Chua Mia Tee, artist, Mr Low Hai Hong, artist, and Dr Tor Lam Huat, Chairman, Modern Confucianism Foundation

Installation view of 'Of Flowers & Trees'