Nadav Kander: 49 works

06 September - 04 October 2014
Galleries 1 and 2

Quiet and intimate, Kander’s works are an expression of his self and a reflection of human history. Each photograph is unique as a product of his feelings at the point of capture still with his distinctive composition; each also invites the viewer in and allows for their own interpretation. This exhibition featured a selection of portraiture and landscape series by world renowned, important contemporary master, Nadav Kander. Born in 1961 in Israel, the London-based photographer has won accolades for his photography, one of which is the prestigious Prix Pictet (2009) for his famed series, Yangtze, The Long River, exhibited this time round.


Installation view of ‘Nadav Kander: 49 works’

World-renowned contemporary photography master, Nadav Kander talking about his Chernobyl series at the Artist Meet and Greet.

Installation view of ‘Nadav Kander: 49 works’